Where to Watch Other Halves

Stream it now:

  • iTunes
    (Filmmakers’ preference*)
    Own it for $12.99
  • Vudu
    Rent for $3.99, Own for $9.99
  • Google Play
    Rent for $1.99, Own for $7.99
  • Amazon Prime
    (censored version)

Purchase a DVD:

  • Kunaki
    (Filmmakers’ preference*)
    $9.99 + shipping
  • Amazon
    $14.99 (free shipping with Prime)
  • Createspace
    $14.99 + shipping

*Filmmakers’ preference sources are those which provide the most revenue to the writers, producers, actors, directors, editors, and other crew members who made this independent film. However, we’d be happy if you watched it in on whatever source works best for you.