The Story So Far…

Other Halves has gone through many iterations over the years. It started out as a parody of detective movies, of all things. After writing, re-writing, and writing some more, Matt was inspired by an unusual source.

Matt shot a welcome video for his old college roommates’ startup, a coding school After spending nearly a week filming there, Matt decided it was the perfect location for a horror movie. He wrote yet another draft, and finally passed it on to Curt.

Curt saw that it could produced on a modest budget and quick schedule. The only problem was, both Matt and Curt are based in Los Angeles, and the location is in San Francisco.

That’s where Kelly came in. The boys approached Kelly to be their girl friday in the bay area. Excited about the film, Kelly agreed to co-produce. Being a writer, she naturally had some notes on the script. And then some more notes. And still more notes.

Eventually, Matt said, “Do you wanna just… co-write this together?”

“Yes, please!”

Together, they re-wrote the script from the ground up, keeping the basic premise, while fleshing out the characters and further developing the story.

Now that the script was in place, it was time to start casting.

Tune in tomorrow for that adventure…