The First Table Read

The first table read (or read-through, if you prefer) can be very stressful. It’s the first time you’ll see the entire cast together, and most of them are meeting each other for the first time. (Except Melanie (Parker) and Lianna (Elle) , who not only already knew each other, they auditioned together.)

An added wrinkle was the fact that Melanie had to be in San Francisco last night, when the table read was scheduled. Luckily, Producer Kelly is based in SF, and the two of them (along with DP Toby) were able to join via video call. Ah, modern technology.

The rest of the cast gathered at Director Matt’s place, where his lovely wife had laid out a spread of snacks. Then we saw that the San Franciscans had wine! Jealous.
After introductions (and some technical issues with Skype), the first complete read through of Other Halves commenced.

It went swimmingly. Every one of the actors embodied the characters Kelly and Matt has written for them. Even movie starts with a script, but it’s just so many words on a page until actors breathe life into it.

Naturally, no script is perfect, and Kelly and Matt saw many opportunities for improvement. They invited the cast (along with Toby and Editor Don) to offer feedback, as well. This led to a wide-ranging discussion that covered every character and touched on many scenes. (Toby, in particular, had a plethora of thoughtful ideas, which is a great trait to have in a collaborator.)

I know what you’re thinking, but no, the actors were not just trying to make their parts bigger. Everyone is simply interested in making the best movie we can possibly make.

And after what I saw last night, I think that’s exactly what we’ll do.