The Boring Stuff

Making movies is certainly more fun than having a real job, but there is still a lot of hard work, both mental and physical, to be done. The production meeting is one of the former.

Last night, Kelly, Curt, and Matt gather (via conference call) to discuss the budget, the schedule, serious things like that. And maybe talk about the actors behind their backs a little bit. (Just kidding; hi, guys!)

As much as you might want your movie to be a commentary on modern conditions, there are practical matters to take into consideration. The broad strokes of the schedule have been in place for a few weeks, but of course we can’t start breaking the script down into shooting days until we actually have a finished script.

So, most of the meeting was dedicated to money– who has it, who needs it, what can we cut in one area to make another more effective or impactful.  Every film has to make compromises, but on a production with as modest a budget as ours, compromise can be a virtue.

When we run into an issue, we won’t be able to solve it by spraying it with the money hose. Together, along with our key department heads, we’ll find creative and interesting ways to stretch our budget, schedule more efficiently,  and all around make Other Halves an innovative, thoughtful, and scary movie.

…With a little sex in it–