Photo Shoot

Yesterday, director Matt organized a photo shoot with Mercedes (Jasmine), Lauren (Devon), and Carson (Mike) for the eventual poster of Other Halves.

The first thing Matt did was mix fake blood. Which is harder than you think, when you can’t see the number 74 in this picture…

Are you sure it’s not 21?

The recipe for fake blood is actually quite simple– corn syrup, cherry Kool-Aid powder, cocoa powder, and corn flower (to thicken it up). But finding the right proportions is impossible for Matt, due to being colorblind. Thankfully, Mercedes helped him mix in the correct amount, until everything looked right.

The next step was lighting. Naturally, we started off with a basic three-point lighting scheme–

Three Point Lighting

Carson Nicely, Mercedes Manning, Lauren Lakis

But of course, Other Halves is a horror movie, so something as plainly lit as this just won’t do. So, Matt killed the fill light, and moved the key light directly in front of, and slightly below the cast. (Think of those times you held a flashlight under your face to scare your friends.)


Lauren Lakis, Carson Nicely, Mercedes Manning

The last step was to apply some blood. (Q-tips came in handy.)


Mercedes Manning, Lauren Lakis, Carson Nicely

We shot way more pictures than you see here, of course. There will be some pretty, disturbing imagery for our poster. You’re just going to have to wait and see.

Don (our editor, graphic designer, and all-around creative guy) is busy creating a logo. His early mock-ups have been great, and we’re all looking forward to the final version.

Meanwhile, Kelly and Matt are still hard at work on the latest draft of the script, in anticipation of the final table read of the year.

But first, Matt has some laundry to do…

Laundry time