Meet the Cast – Carson Nicely as Mike

Carson Nicely is a multi-talented filmmaker with experience both in front of and behind the camera. It’s no wonder we wanted him to play the (almost) perfect boyfriend Mike. I mean, come on; his name is Nicely.

Why did you decide to get into such a crazy field?

Young_Ruffian_09I was working as an international logistics manager, sitting at a desk the entire day. I came in when it was dark and left when it was dark. I absolutely hated that lifestyle and I knew something needed to change. I had an opportunity to audition for a Kings of Leon music video, and ended up booking it. I quit the same day I found out and haven’t looked back since.

What sort of acting training do you have?

In college I was a Psychology major, but took minor classes in theatre. It peaked my interest in improv which I began studying as well and joined an improv troupe. From there, I’ve had a variety of classes from industry professionals such as Groundlings and others.

How was your first experience on camera?

I was the leading male for a Kings of Leon music video. It was pretty intense, especially since I was booked as “someone who could pitch a 70mph fast ball to a batter for a single shot home-run”. Funny part was…I hadn’t thrown a baseball in over 8 years at that point. Fake it til you make it, right? The video went really well though, but I didn’t expect all of the members of the band to be so drunk…

What other projects are you particularly proud of?

I’ve done over 25 music videos which is ridiculous, but I’m most proud of the Alan Jackson music video “Blue Ridge Mountain Song”. It was an emotional video that really stressed my limits of searching within myself to find the true emotions I needed to convey.

How do you think those roles prepared you to play Mike in Other Halves?

While I played a wide range of characters – my usual character I’m cast is for the “perfect boyfriend who does nothing wrong”. So, this is just an extension of a lot of those shorter projects I’ve worked on. I think it will be a fun experience.

What drew you to the character of Mike initially?

Carson Nicely, AKA "the perfect boyfriend"

Carson Nicely, AKA “the perfect boyfriend”

Mike is the perfect person. Which is the guy we all generally hate, because we can’t find something wrong with him. When really it’s just jealously boiling inside of us, because we can’t figure them out. In all reality though, no one is perfect, and we all have our problems. Mike is no exception, and he has flaws. He’s just amazing at covering them up.

How do you approach character work?

I like to research people’s psych profiles of real life people that match the character. This helps me understand what makes them tick and understand what types of decisions they’d make. It’s an unusual approach, but I’ve enjoyed it and has success with it so far.

Do you have other creative projects that you like working on?

I run a production company in my spare time which consists of photography and video production for companies or individuals. I shoot about 4-5 projects each week which means I am constantly editing , sitting in front of my computer. If anyone needs new head shots or a corporate video done, let me know!

What do you think of the rest of the cast of Other Halves?

They’re the worst.

Just kidding, I really enjoy everyone and their enthusiasm about the project is thrilling. There is a buzz of energy in the room when we met for the first time. I know everyone is just as excited as I am to film this project.

Any final thoughts?

Carson Nicely

Carson Nicely

I should come back as a ghost. No big deal.