Casting the Other Halves

Once the script was in place, it came time to find the right cast for Other Halves.

In keeping with the technological themes of the movie, we decided to do our casting online. We asked our actors to submit audition videos through a website called Actors Access.

There were a couple reasons for this. First of all, the key creatives, Matt, Kelly, and Curt, live in different cities. There was no way for all of us to see all of the auditions in person.

Just as important, we could give opportunities for more actors to read, whether they lived in San Francisco (like Kelly) or Los Angeles (like Matt and Curt). And they wouldn’t have to read at a specific time; they could record a scene whenever it was convenient to them.

For such a small film, we got an terrific response. Hundreds of actresses and actors uploaded videos for us to see. There were so many good choices, we ended up having to do callbacks.

Rather than hold traditional callbacks, Matt and Kelly arranged to meet with each actor or actress individually, to talk over a cup of coffee.  We met a lot of great people and had some interesting conversations about the characters and story.

Kelly and Matt compared notes, and after much discussion, chose the amazing cast we now have.